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Youtubers Tips and Tricks Success for Beginners in 2020

Youtubers Tips and Tricks Success for Beginners in 2020
Youtubers Tips and Tricks Success for Beginners in 2020

maswisnu.com - Youtubers Tips and Tricks Success for Beginners in 2020, hello youtuber! The word greeting is often used by YouTubers to greet content creators or YouTubers. The person who made the video and uploaded it on YouTube.

Ok on this occasion mas wisnu or tutorial blog wisnu mas will discuss or provide interesting info for you youtubers, tips and tricks for beginner youtubers success in 2020, or tips and tricks to become a successful youtuber For beginners, especially beginners like me in building YouTube channel to be successful in 2020! And the results work!

There may be lots of questions out there about how to become a successful youtubers! How to become a YouTuber even many people now who aspire to become YouTuber, what's so great about being a YouTuber? Is it potential to be rich?

Maybe it represents many people who ask. And people will definitely find a way or tutorial how to become a YouTuber? Tutorial about the world of YouTube? How to upload videos on YouTube? How to make an interesting video, to be viral, how to become a YouTube player to get money, how to get a lot of viewers or viewers and shows to get subscribers on YouTube and many others, even how to get lots of money on YouTube? We will discuss all of these questions here.

Platform for Beginner Youtubers

For beginners or people who jumped into the world of YouTube earlier this year, it must have been confused, because how to become a YouTuber or earn money on YouTube or maybe it's famous on YouTube is not gapang! It's not as easy as turning your pal, friend. Because the more we age on YouTube the more our competitors.

Our foundation as beginners is our intention first! What do we intend on YouTube as? Do you want to be a money finder on YouTube, do you want to be an information media or what will our YouTube be?

We take the example, I have a used motorcycle, which we will sell to the general public, so we need a promotion and information to everyone, then we need media information or promotion, well! This is where the role of the youtube platform as a place to promote.

We upload a video about the items we sell, for example I used a used motorcycle, with as interesting as possible so that people who see will be interested and buy our motorcycle.

With the free youtube media earlier, we have benefited from the marketing media on youtube, we can also make videos that are just a few seconds for us to advertise on google ads so our ads will later be displayed on youtube so that we are wider in the media promotion.

That's a brief description if we intend to make YouTube as a media of information or promotional media for the products we sell.

By adhering to YouTube's many rules, we can also submit monetization or from our videos we can advertise so that our income increases, so many rules that we must read and understand if we want to be a conten creator on YouTube.

Tips for Success Becoming a Youtuber in 2020

More and more years you appear and also more and more rules and competition is also tougher, with the new rules that you are filtered in the filter really which content is a good creator or YouTuber which origin is careless.

Below, for you beginners, there are tips that I will share so that you can succeed or at least be monetized quickly by the YouTuber, because answering from many questions about YouTubers is, like how to get 1000 subscribers quickly, how to get 4000 fast watch time, how to get a viewer on youtube and how to quickly be approved or monetized on youtube.

Make Unique Channels

The first way is that you have to have a unique and creative music channel, of course a nice or one topic, I have already practiced a topic of discussion, it will be easier to get viewers and subscribers naturally and quickly, for example, you can see it on the video channel in otovlog or in more detail can visit the site inukotovlog.com to make it easier.

With the discussion of one topic, then the viewer or viewer sees one video we are interested in, then potentially seeing our other videos will most likely be subscribed to our channel because it is useful, 1,000 suscriber will be easier and 4,000 hours will be faster too.

Create Unique and Creative Videos

This is the most difficult discussion in my opinion bro, because to make a unique video creative so that viewers feel comfortable to see it is a very difficult thing, because viewers will sketch our videos if they are not good or bored, will pass the show for the sake of the show if it does not attract attention.

Interesting is our content or our videos useful, and answers what they are looking for? That is our challenge as a true content creator, in the words content is king, the quality of the video must be good too, with clear images, the audience will feel at home seeing it.

Upload Regularly.

Uploading regularly is that we upload videos regularly, for example we upload videos once every 3 days or once a week, then our channel will be increasingly known by YouTube and many people, aka our channel will be alive and active.

Different, if we upload the origin of origin once a month or once a year it will lose competitiveness and it is assumed that our channel is not active, the more active our channel the more opportunities to become a success youtuber.

Follow all the rules from Youtube.

The most effective tips this time to be successful in 2020 is to comply with all the creator or YouTuber content rules must understand this, you should read the terms of the manual to become a successful YouTuber.

By reading the guide, you can know the restrictions or rules, and not violate them, if you obey and implement it, then YouTube will quickly see our channel as a good and active content creator. The closer you are to the status of monetization, monetization you can get income on YouTube from the ads that appear on your video, by following the rules you will quickly get it.

Video Optimization When Uploaded.

Beginner YouTuber should know this, the basis for beginner YouTubers, if all the tips above have been done, then you have to optimize your videos, when uploading, many people out there or your competitors are fighting for viewers to watch with video optimization then our video opportunities appear to be seen people will get bigger.

Optimization is done at the time of upload, make an interesting title, write in an interesting video description, and also write the appropriate tags, all titles, descriptions, and tags must be appropriate and relevant, all must be done in a relevant and interesting manner and also need research data as well, so that the chance to enter YouTube homepage gets bigger, and lastly use thumbnails or images on your YouTube video as interesting as possible so that it is interesting to click, interesting not clickbait or misleading but can be designed with interesting writing and images must be synchronized with writing.

Prayer Mustajab.

Now the tips and tricks above have been done, bro, but even though our video still views subscribe to the clock time, that's all, the last and most effective tips after everything is done or according to machine and human logic, then finally with prayer.

People who believe must know, even though the logic of machines and humans are on the run, but the Khoiq, the ruler of the universe, all of you, YouTube, YouTube is the work of humans, but the results of the thoughts that give are Allah SWT.

So you become beginner YouTubers or even those who have been successful in earning on YouTube at this time is the will of Allah SWT, Then After all the rules or tricks on YouTube are honest, then we are obliged after praying to Allah SWT, hopefully we can bless and fortune from our efforts in this youtube field.

Okay bro, that's a little success story about how to be successful, or tips and tricks to succeed on youtube for beginners in 2020, according to the maswisnu.com tutorial, I have practiced this method and the results work you can see on the channel in otovlog, the age This channel is still fairly young, still around 10 months, when Mr. Wisnu made a ltips tutorial on how to successfully become a beginner YouTuber 2020.

That is all and thank you for your attention, if there are errors, please forgive and be corrected together in the comments column below, that's all from the tutorial blog mas wisnu, greetings blogger and beginner YouTuber.

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