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Types of Car Insurance You Can Consid

Types of Car Insurance You Can Consider

Types of Car Insurance You Can Consider

Description: There are some types of car insurance that will help you to cover any cost if any injuries or damages happen due to an accident. Let's learn more here

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When you buy a car, especially a new and expensive one, don’t forget to purchase insurance. It is such a purchase of a coverage combination that helps to make up your policy. It is essential as nobody knows what will happen in the future. But there are some types of car insurance you should know.

The Difference Types of Car Insurance

Before choosing the kind of car insurance, the most important thing is the standard policy, what it covers, and how much it costs you should pay. Before you buy car insurance, consider the offering from some companies and compare it one by one what will be their coverage.

Before you purchase a policy of car insurance, you should mix and match these types of car insurance along with the kind of coverage those are:

1.   Medical Payment Insurance or MedPay

This kind of car insurance coverage is transparent already, including medical expenses or medical treatments for passengers and drivers. The insurance will cover both and help pay the costs of whoever is at fault in that accident.

Covered costs that might be included in this insurance include surgery, hospital visits, X-rays, hospital room, and many others. But, not all states provide this medical coverage, and it is just an option.

.2.        Liability Car Insurance

The liability car insurance helps the driver who is at fault in an accident and causes damage or injury to other parties and properties. It covers the bodily injury and property damage, including medical expenses, funeral costs, repairing and replacing the vehicle, and legal fees if the accident is leveraged to a lawsuit by the other party.

But, you must note that this liability car insurance would not cover any injuries or damages to your body or vehicle.

3.   PIP or Personal Injury Protection

The PIP or Personal Injury Protection is almost the same as Medical Payment Insurance. They just have a few differences in coverage. PIP covers more, including medical treatment and losses such as wages due to inability to work. While Medical Payment only covers medical costs.

Personal Injury Protection does not require fault, so it is also called no-fault insurance. But, this kind of insurance is not available to all states.

4.   Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is one of the common types of car insurance. It takes responsibility for the damage that isn't due to an accident or collision. It covers property damage caused by vandalism, theft, civil disturbances, natural disasters, and many more.

5.   Collision Insurance

This insurance covers and protects the accident that causes damage to the vehicle from other cars or objects. It includes guard rails, electricity poles, trees, walls, and many others.

6.   UM/UIM or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance gives protection if you get in an accident with a driver or motorist who doesn’t have sufficient insurance. This kind of insurance helps to cover damage from hit-and-runs accidents.

Understanding the types of car insurance will help you to decide before purchasing any insurance for your vehicle.

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