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Safe Ways to Prevent Google Adsense from Getting Banned

MASWISNU.COMGoogle Adsense is the largest advertising program in the world. Google Adsense allows website or blog owners to earn money from the ads they place. Since its inception, many publishers have competed to  register for Google Adsense  by trying to meet the applicable terms and conditions. Not only that, when using Google Adsense, it is also important for you to know how to safely prevent Google Adsense from being banned or blocked.

The sanction in the form of a ban on Adsense accounts is carried out because it may be found that there is an unusual activity that aims to gain profit for the publisher or publisher only. How does Google know if there is fraud in every ad displayed on a particular website or blog? Google actually has its own way. But, you can prevent your Google Adsense account from being safe.

Being accepted as a publisher from Google Ads is the beginning of you starting this best online business. So, the next step you need to do is to maintain your account so that you can make money in the long term and avoid being blocked or banned. How to do it? As follows, we will discuss the latest tips and tricks for you. Lets see.

Safe Ways to Prevent Google Adsense from Getting Banned

1. Display ads accordingly

After the account is accepted as a publisher from Google Adsense, you are required to copy the ad code that has been provided so that later the ad can be displayed on your website or blog. For the location of the displayed ad, you yourself fully regulate it. Therefore, in this case there are several things you need to pay attention to.

Even though you have been accepted as a publisher, keep creating quality and interesting content. Don't let yourself display too many ads so that it will ruin the appearance of your article content. Displaying unnatural ads not only results in worsening the appearance but there are other negative impacts that arise.

Try to pay attention to  the appropriate ad position  by positioning yourself as a reader, whether the ad placement is appropriate and makes the article comfortable to read or not. If you do not pay attention to this, then Google may assume that you only care about income rather than providing quality and interesting content for readers.

2. Comply with Adsense writing rules

Not only in terms of ads displayed on an Article content, you need to pay attention to the content of the content created. Generally, Google always ensures and checks whether a content is worth sharing or not. So, it is worth noting not to include negative elements such as incitement, violence, piracy, illegal drugs, hate speech and so on.

In addition, the use of words in an article needs to be considered, such as never using words or terms that are inappropriate to say. If you violate this provision, it is likely that your Google account can be blocked or banned immediately.

3. Avoid Plagiarism

You must be familiar with the term "Plagiarism". Plagiarism is the same as Copy Paste or stealing other people's work. Did you know? That Google highly appreciates the writing of a writer or blogger. If the writing is shared, then the writer has the right as the copyright holder of the writing. Taking writing without permission, allows the Adsense account to be banned immediately.

4. Avoid clicking on your own ads

The most fatal activity that is generally unknowingly often done by bloggers is clicking on their own ads. This activity is a form of action that is prohibited by Google Adsense. Google will not tolerate this fraud either intentionally or unintentionally. Just let the ads be clicked naturally by visitors. Never trick them or even tell people close to you to click on the existing ads. 

5. Do not use third party tools 

Often these third-party tools are used to obtain illegal visitors. Did you know, through specially designed tools will allow many visitors to a blog or website without you having to do promotion. It is indeed a practical way, right? But, remember that this is wrong. This unnatural activity can get your account banned.

6. Do not change the ad code

Changing the ad code is usually useful for changing the appearance of the ad itself in order to increase the click ratio. If you try to make this modification what will happen? Your Adsense account will be disabled. It is better to use the ad code you get and do not change it. Remember that if it has been banned, it is permanent.

7. Don't force visitors to click on ads

Some bloggers are impatient to earn more income by forcing visitors to click on ads. There are several ways to do this. One of them is by creating a story that aims to touch the hearts of visitors to click on ads. Avoid this because it can have a bad impact on you.

8. Do not delete the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy page is a page to inform that the website uses advertising as a medium of income. This page also serves to notify Google that the blog is ready to display ads. Given the importance of this page, do not delete it. Because if deleted, Google may assume that your site does not want to display ads.

9. Don't share links in groups

Actually, many blogs that are banned are not only due to the blog owner's own factors. Jealous people can also cause blogs to be banned. How can that be? If you send links to various groups, then there are quite a few people who may have bad intentions. For example, irresponsible people will bomb ad clicks so that Google can detect unnatural ad clicks. 

Thus is the complete information that discusses some  safe tips for using Google Adsense that need to be known  to avoid being banned. Often between achieving and maintaining it is more difficult to maintain, but by knowing these tips you are helped to be able to prevent being banned effectively and successfully.

You need to know that basically Google Adsense will not ban if it does not violate the applicable Adsense rules. However, Google Adsense will not hesitate to deactivate an account if there is serious fraud committed. Therefore, remain careful and do online business to make money from the internet wisely. Hopefully useful.

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