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All Risk Car Insurance: Costs, Benefits & How to Claim

All Risk Car Insurance: Costs, Benefits & How to Claim

MASWISNU.COM -  Having car insurance seems to be a mandatory requirement, because unexpected events can happen at any time. Car insurance products consist of Total Loss Only and All Risk, here is an explanation of All Risk car insurance starting from costs, excess, to how to claim!

Get to know All Risk Car Insurance

What is All Risk insurance? See the explanation of costs, advantages and how to claim below.


As the name implies, for the type of all risk car insurance , the owner will receive comprehensive car protection for all risks. So that the insurance party guarantees claims for all damages ranging from minor damage such as dents or scratches, to major damage, such as vehicle theft to accidents.

In addition, this type of insurance can also provide more comprehensive protection, for example car damage due to riots, third party liability in the event of an accident that causes other drivers to be injured, to natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods.


When compared to Total Loss Only insurance, All Risk charges a higher fee because the owner will get more comprehensive protection against all risks. 

Meanwhile, the costs for this type of insurance generally range from 1.05% to 4.2% of the car price and area.

For example, the owner has a car worth Rp. 250 million, so the premium that must be paid by the owner of the vehicle in question is 2% of the price of the vehicle. For this reason, the owner must pay an insurance fee of IDR 5 million per year. 


What are the advantages of this type of insurance? 

  1. Get Comprehensive Protection. The first advantage is that the owner gets comprehensive protection from accidents or events from small to large. The owner only needs to report and make an insurance claim without having to categorize the event or car accident, and later the company will cover it.
  2. Creating a Sense of Security. Vehicle insurance can also create a feeling of security when driving and provide total comfort for the owner, because the vehicle is protected by insurance.

How to Claim

Here's how to claim All Risk insurance that you need to know:

  1. The first thing that must be done to make a claim is to document the loss or damage that occurred to the car. Immediately make a report by attaching proof of loss or damage to the insurance company.
  2. Filing a claim does not have to be done in the city of origin, because it can be done if the owner is outside the city. The way to do this is to contact the insurance agent and then explain the chronology of what happened, so that later the owner will get recommendations for partner workshops in that city.
  3. After getting a recommendation for a partner workshop, fill in the form provided correctly and completely.
  4. The repair shop confirmed it to the insurance company. If the claim is accepted, the repair shop will immediately handle your vehicle.

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Things You Must Know Before Buying All Risk Car Insurance

Before purchasing All Risk car insurance, there are several things you should know to avoid any misunderstandings later.

High cost

Because the cost of All Risk insurance is relatively high, the owner must adjust the budget first if they decide to use this type of insurance.

There is an Own Risk Fee

Both All Risk and Total Loss Only insurance apply own risk fees which must be paid by the owner when the incident involves personal negligence.

For example, the insurance company asks you to pay an own risk fee of Rp1 million. Then the owner is required to pay the amount, and the insurance company will cover the remaining costs to repair the vehicle.

So, are you interested in buying All Risk car insurance? If you are still confused, you can see our previous discussion about tips for choosing the right car insurance according to your needs , let's check it out!

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