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Advantages of Having Insurance


Advantages of Having Insurance

The three main pillars of financial security are emergency funds, insurance, and investment. However, what is the advantages of having insurance? Read on to learn more about a series of benefits and advantages of having insurance.

Important Reasons Why You Should Have Insurance

Humans want to do activities without the burden of thought and finance. It's like wanting to take a vacation to Bali using a vehicle without a hitch.

But who would have thought, if suddenly there was a traffic incident on the way, then there was a delay in crossing to a series of other problems that bothered the mind and added to the expense burden?

All of these problems can be minimized if you previously had travel insurance, vehicle insurance, and health insurance. This is considering the nature and benefits of insurance as protection from an event that you never expect in the future.

Benefits and Benefits of Having Insurance

Protection Assurance

Who doesn't want comfort and protection? There's nothing wrong with preparing protection for the worst. You never know what and when unpleasant events will happen to you. Insurance can provide you with protection.

An example of certainty of protection can be used when an incident occurs that is not wearing your vehicle. Which then has an impact on the aesthetics and function of the car. You can make a repair claim for free when you have vehicle insurance.

A sense of security over an incident

Do you enjoy traveling domestically and internationally? Have you ever experienced luggage damage, lost luggage, or flight delays?

This unpleasant experience should be able to be cured a little if you use travel insurance. The advantage of having travel insurance is that it can provide extra services when the flight schedule is delayed, reimbursement of luggage damage costs, and compensation for lost items.

Protection Period

There will be a sense of security when there is insurance. You can measure this sense of security periodically. For example, when you are just planning to buy a house with a mortgage. Mortgage payments will certainly take a long time.

Of course, you don't want it if you are pioneering a mortgage, there will be things that are not comfortable related to the condition of your new home. Take home mortgage insurance for 5 years – 10 years. So that when damage to the house occurs, it can be claimed within that period.

Guaranteed Child Education

Are you planning your child's education? Are you surprised by the total cost involved with the certainty of your current job? You don't have to worry.

Education insurance is here to guarantee your child's education to the expected level. This insurance acts as a third-party guarantor when the educational institution requests the guarantor.

Doctor's Consultation and Action Guarantee

The advantage of having health insurance can help you when you need medical help. Relief from a minor or serious illness. Even to medical action that is urgent and urgent.

You need to know, the cost of treatment at the hospital is not static like using a car wash service. There is an unpredictable cost component. If the administrative costs and doctor's services are fixed. So the cost of action and drugs are relative to the patient's condition.

Those are the benefits and advantages of having vehicle insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance. Hopefully, this article can help those of you who are considering using insurance services.


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