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Get to know All Risk Car Insurance, what are the benefits?

Maswisnu.comHaving a car nowadays can be said to be one of the primary needs. So, when you already have it, it is highly recommended to provide additional protection that will protect against various unwanted events, such as all risk car insurance .

Get to know All Risk Car Insurance, what are the benefits?

What is All Risk Car Insurance?

All risk car insurance itself is a type of vehicle insurance that gives you guaranteed protection from all forms of risks that can occur anytime and anywhere.

What are the Types of Car Insurance?

In general, car insurance consists of two types, namely all risk (comprehensive) car insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO).

Difference between All Risk Car Insurance and TLO Car Insurance

Meanwhile, TLO insurance usually only provides replacement guarantees if the car suffers damage that reaches more than 75% of the car's value as well as losses due to loss or damage to the vehicle.

All risk car insurance tends to have higher premiums compared to TLO car insurance, because all risk insurance will provide protection for the car from both minor and serious accidents.

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Tips for Choosing All Risk Car Insurance

Don't choose the wrong insurance product. Make sure you understand the tips below when buying an all risk car insurance product:

  • Determine car insurance according to your needs. If the car is still new and travel in your city is busy, please choose all risk car insurance.
  • Compare the benefits, premiums and ease of claims from several insurance company options.
  • Choose an insurance company that has credibility and is trustworthy.
  • Pay attention to partner workshops and the quality of their work.
  • Make sure you know the complete requirements when you want to buy all risk car insurance.

What is Covered by All Risk Car Insurance from MAGI?

There are many advantages or benefits that you can enjoy by choosing all risk car insurance because the scope of comprehensive insurance benefits is very wide.

To make it easier for you to choose car insurance, PT Mandiri AXA General Insurance (MAGI) summarizes the benefits you can get from all risk car insurance products :

  • Compensation guarantee for car damage due to accidents, collisions, fire, being struck by lightning, slipping, theft and other people's crimes.
  • Guarantee to cover third party legal liability costs.
  • 24-hour car towing facilities from the risk of engine damage, tire problems and electrical problems.
  • Expansion of benefits from risks of natural disasters, damage, strikes, terrorism, riots to additional independent accident insurance.

How to Buy MAGI All Risk Car Insurance

Currently, insurance products can be purchased easily and quickly. You can even buy insurance with affordable premiums and 0% installments only at AXA Mandiri MyPage . Not only that, MAGI also provides many interesting promotions. You can get vehicle insurance discounts of up to 25%!

MAGI provides protection for your car

How to Claim MAGI All Risk Car Insurance

An important value that must be noted when you buy an insurance product is the ease of submitting claims.

You don't need to worry, currently MAGI has provided many conveniences through vehicle claim surveys with video surveys via WhatsApp at 0811-1500-733 with other required documents.

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