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The trick to make Youtube videos a lot of Viewer

Maswisnu.com - tricks to make YouTube videos so many viewer is a lot of questions? or looking for the tutorial, there is also a confused trick to make a video for the audience? Well this is the answer you guys do not plan your video according to logarithmic YouTube.

Problem? 'Ve often uploaded the right SEO already use but Kok still lonely who see or lonely visitors? This is the problem because the video is not planned for the next uploadting, or arguably the origin of the source in the videos.

Everyone who comes on your channel or watch your video will want to get a maximum of information, not a sporadic video, free style, video that originated from Origin, will be read or read by videotaping, even in the early second seconds, so we can not do it yourself record video and directly uploaded, if you want to watch a lot bro.

To plan a video can start from looking at the report section in Analytic Youtube, from the last 10 videos that you upload, after you upload your attention to the performance of your video performance in the next 10 days if you see a lot or not? Or on the first 7 days of the Dah, YouTube will give ranking or ranking and reports, from where you can make the next video where the most videos in response by your audience, then create the same topic next.

If your video is better than the previous one then, YouTube will recommend your videos to others, that's the tips and tricks on how to make a video recommended by YouTube.

Next Tips are your video opponent First bro! If your video is better than before then congratulations you will climb the rankings and Dapet is recommended by YouTube. And then you will succeed in the YouTube world.

At least in 1 week your video rank is in 3 big among your other videos bro, Kalo does not go to the Peringlat then your video including ugly, and make a video again dong.

If all goes well, then SEO will work, the recommendation will work and automatically subscribe you will increase. Believe! Or see the latest YouTube subscriber tips.

Here's his surefire Tips on how to make your videos a lot of watching and tricks to create videos for your audience.

Plan your videos with this:

1. Topic

This topic is most important bro, if the topic fitting with what is in search by the audience, then the opportunity to make a new subscribe, 

Topics that fit with your subscribe, is your own know bro, because it has been read in YouTube reports, check out the incoming comments, trends that exist, and also your video check recommended from the channel or the video about what? or discuss what it is that you develop. 

Check your audience retention, check out the most excellent audience retention and grow bro, let your videos be a lot in recommendation by YouTube. Retention of at least 60% is good, fix which one is wrong where the audience is blurred.

2. Improve Tumbnail

The higher the value of the CTR then the better, because Good CTR will be interesting for clicks.

and watch. But remember Klao Ctr rises because klikbait then audience retention dropped then it's the same bro, it's a click of your viewer run away dong.

3. Interesting titles

The title is the tick aspect of YouTube meta data, title, description, tags and tumbnail are mapuh guns to penetrate the competition between videos on YouTube.

Note the 3 ingredients to plan your next video, pay attention to the topic, title, Tumbnail, and also your video content to be as interesting as possible, as creative as possible, you understand of course. Improve the format, the editor, audio Gimana? The result of his recording Gimana? The storyline Gimana? 

After the topic, create a storyline, or Storyline, Storyline is a detailed description of the plot/storyline of the video. What would you like to fill? Want to discuss what's what? Make an outline and Scriptnya if you need to let better and on target. And what is discussed or talked about will be well conceptualized. 

Thus yips and tricks youtub tutorials from maswisnu.com, easy to make inspiration and spirit for you YouTuber beginners like maswisnu.com, if there are criticism and suggestions can exchange thoughts here Yes, see you in the next tutorial.

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