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how to prevent the corona virus from becoming contagious and contagious

Maswisnu.com - Lately, Indonesia is trembling a world epidemic, namely the Covid 19 virus or called the corona virus, here are tips on how to avoid corona virus and tips on how to prevent the corona virus. Better to prevent than cure.

Many have reported that the corona virus has no antidote, or can not be cured by any drug, but can be handled well if we are not late to handle it. This means that there is no specific vaccine to overcome this virus.

There have been several attempts to prevent the spread of viruses or epidemics of this world that have entered Indonesia, and even there have been some people who were positively affected by this covid 19 virus.

Tips on How to Prevent and Treat Corona Virus.

1. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer or hand washing soap.

Wash your hands after handling things that are prone to contracting the virus, such as objects in public places, such as at atm entrances to malls and other spaces.

Wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer containing alcohol to clean the dirt on our hands.

For Muslims, of course denaw ablution, plus ablution at least 5 times before prayer, can help avoid corona virus.

2. Avoid Mass Crowds.

One of the causes of transmission of this virus, is through meeting directly with patients who have been positively affected.

therefore avoid crowding or meeting en masse with other people, whom we don't know, and in that place it is feared that many objects will be held by hands that have not washed their hands and so on.

The solution is to remain silent or not go anywhere to the public place, until it is stated that the situation is safe, for Muslims, especially, this opportunity to improve our worship with Allah SWT and also with our families who may often be negligent. Because of our busy work.

But it does not close our desire to go to the mosque, because it is a command of Allah SWT, by going to the mosque we strengthen our faith and also our Physicality, so from that, it makes us confident of the protection of Allah SWT. Because all of that virus and Allah created it.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat nutritious food and get enough rest, to keep your body healthy and healthy.

Then what about the activities of workers who require a lot of energy and physical in public locations, such as construction workers for example, still have to do the protocol procedures above, and always pray to Allah SWT.

4. Keep in contact with strangers or people who have the flu.

This virus may have been attached to other places, and attack for people with weak conditions. But all that should not be made into parno or fear of it all. There is no virus we all will surely experience death.

For Muslims this is the solution, continue to increase our faith and piety in Allah SWT. Continue to carry out religious activities as usual, but must stay awake according to daily procedures, washing hands and so on. And instead we should be closer to Allah SWT, what else do we want to face the month of romadhon which will soon arrive, hopefully the holy month of the virus will go away.

We are equally praying to Allah SWT so that we avoid the plague of this world virus, and we are given the strength to get through it all. And we can run fasting in the holy month of Romance later.

May Allah protect us all, Aamiin.

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